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"On behalf of the MGJV board i should like to thank you and your colleagues for the tremendous effort which you made at the weekend at Goole WwTW.  I appreciate that you all gave up the time with your families."

Paul Houston, MGJV Water Director

“I would like to compliment you and your workforce for an excellent electrical installation at Chelker.  Everyone has worked professionally, accurately, neatly and extremely tidily.  At the end of every working day the work areas have been left clean and safe.  Your safety record on this contract has been second to none and app parties have displayed a keen awareness of safe working procedures and behaviour.”

John M Tasker MIEEE, Commissioning Engineer

“I would wish to record our appreciation of the manner in which Circle have executed the THP cabling installation, both in the management approach as well as actual workmanship in the field.  There were certainly a few challenges encountered during the build process not of Circle's making, and the positive suggestions/attitude taken to mitigate their impact is recognised within VWS”

Tim Humphreys, Manager of Projects & Construction

Contracts D&B

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

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