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Yorkshire Water

We have chosen the most recent Yorkshire Water schemes which have for us been our most challenging and most successful in projecting Circle Control from small to medium stream works to large stream.

Saltend WwTW - Emergency Scheme

MS2JV Scheme


Due to environmental issues and odour complaints the following areas were identified for an upgrade and clean;

* Odour Control

* Primary Treatment - 4 No. Lamella settling tanks

* Secondary Treatment - 8 No. SBR tanks were each cleaned and upgraded 


A new odour control system was installed within the Inlet Pumping Station, the Lamella's were cleaned with new desludge pumps installed and each SBR had aeration modifications, instrumentation and modified air blowers.

The LV electrical installation was started in September 2015 and completed to programme in May 2016.

Scarborough rBWD Compliance
Toll House P.S - Corner Cafe CSO - Wheatcroft CSO

​MGJV Scheme


At the existing Toll House a new Storm Water pumping station, Overflow chamber and Storm water storage tank are being constructed with 3 No. 450kW Bedford pumps. 

Toll House was started in November 2013 and completed in May 2014


​Corner Cafe and Wheatcroft CSO were small schemes; Toll House CSO was 1-2 weeks; completed in September 2013 and Wheatcroft CSO 2-3 days; completed in December 2013

Castleford Sewage Treatment Works - FFD Delivery Scheme

MGJV Scheme


On the existing site a new compact works is being constructed, this includes an Inlet Works, Activated Sludge Plant, Three Primary Tanks, Three Final Tanks and Storm Tank, all to bring a site which is 100 years old upto 21st century.  This will not only treat the water from the area but improved the water quality of the River Aire.


The LV electrical installation was started in June 2014 and completed to programme and budget in April 2015.

Bramley Service Reservoir

​Mott MacDonald Bentley


The existing service reservoirs were constructed in 1880 and 1912, No.1 service reservoir was taken out of service and so a new No.3 service reservoir was built to maintain the clean water distribution network.


The LV electrical installation consisted of instrumentation and building services, the scheme was started in January 2014 and completed March 2014.

Wetherby Sewage Treatment Works

Amey Scheme

A new plastic media based Tertiary Nitrifying Trickling Filter (TNTF) shall be installed between the Final Settlement Tank Outlet and the Tertiary Mineral Filter Inlet at Wetherby STW.  A new pumping station shall also be constructed incorporating Duty/Standby submersible pumps that will pump a constant flow up into the TNTF.  The flow will be passed onto the media via a two arm distributor. 


The LV electrical installation was started in October 2015 and completed in February 2016


Esholt WwTW - THP Delivery Scheme

​MGJV and Veolia Water combined scheme


This is the single largest scheme Circle has undertaken with a combined contract value of £1.2M, we setup a satellite office on the Esholt Industrial Park estate in June 2012 and started site works in August 2012.  

The scheme was completed in April 2014.

Rivelin WwTW - Batch 1 and Batch 2 - Manganese Scheme

Batch 1 - Site wide asset replacement scheme

Batch 2 - New Manganese Building - complete electrical installation


We initially tendered for Batch 1 in November 2010 and began works in March 2011, the scheme was completed in June 2012 with great success, on time, within budget and with testimonials from MMB directors and Yorkshire Water.

The Batch 2 Manganese building was a new build which started straight after Batch 1 in June 2012 and was completed in April 2013


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