At Circle, we offer a comprehensive suite of design services to help our clients bring their projects to life. From detailed cable calculations to comprehensive building services drawings, our team of experienced designers is equipped to handle a wide range of design needs. In this outline, we'll explore the various design services we offer and how they can benefit your project.

Amtech ProDesign Cable Calculations
- Accurate cable sizing and selection
- Voltage drop and ampacity analysis
- Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Block Cable Diagrams
- Simplified overview of cable routing and connections
- Identification of cable types and termination points
- Facilitates project planning and coordination

Connection Drawings
- Detailed schematics of electrical connections
- Ensures proper wiring and termination
- Supports installation and troubleshooting

Cable Schedules
- Comprehensive inventory of all cables used in the project
- Includes cable type, size, length, and other key details
- Streamlines procurement and installation

Lighting Lux Designs
- Optimized lighting layout and luminaire selection
- Ensures adequate illumination levels
- Compliance with building codes and standards

Building Services G.A's
- Detailed floor plans and elevations
- Integrated design of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems
- Facilitates coordination between trades

Cable Routing G.A's
- Comprehensive overview of cable pathways and raceways
- Identifies potential conflicts and interference
- Supports efficient installation and maintenance

Layout Drawings
- Detailed placement of equipment and components
- Ensures optimal functionality and accessibility
- Aids in the physical implementation of the design

At Circle, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality design services to support the success of their projects. Whether you need detailed cable calculations, comprehensive building services drawings, or anything in between, our team of experts is ready to help. 


As electrical contractors, Circle offers a diverse array of services to meet the needs of their clients. From industrial electrical installations within the utility and renewable energy industry to temporary works, they have the expertise and capabilities to handle a wide range of electrical projects.

Industrial Electrical Installation
- Low-voltage electrical installations- Power distribution and control
- Switchgear systems
- Electrical control panels and automation
- Lighting systems
- Wiring and cabling

SWA Cable Installation
- AWA and SWA cable installation
- Underground cabling
- Cable termination and jointing

Cable Containment
- Cable management solutions
- Cable trays and ladder rack routing design and installation
- Trunking and conduits

Fibre Optic Installation
- Fibre optic cabling
- Termination and splicing
- Patch panels
- OTDR testing

Control Stations
- Isolator stations
- Emergency stop / start / stop 
- Control panel design and fabrication

Building Services
- Distribution
- Internal lighting and Emergency lighting
- Heating and ventilation
- Small power, RCD sockets
- 110v transformers and socket outlets

Internal Lighting
- General illumination
- Task and accent lighting
- Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Emergency Lighting
- Bulkhead lighting, twin spots, exit signs and path marking
- Compliance with safety regulations

External Lighting
- Lighting columns
- Site compound and perimeter lighting
- Outdoor security lighting

Cabin Setups and Temporary Works
- Portable electrical systems
- Site lighting and power distribution
- Temporary structures and facilities

Circle's comprehensive range of electrical services demonstrates their ability to handle a wide variety of projects, from complex industrial installations to temporary site setups.