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Esholt WwTW THP Plant

Principal Client : Yorkshire Water

Project Client : Veolia Water - Solutions and Technologies

Contract Value : £146,000

The Veolia Biothelys thermal hydrolysis plant is designed to treat a nominal throughput of 30,000 tonnes of dry solids per year of a mixture of primary and secondary sludges.  The plant comprises 3 pairs of Biothelys reactors, each with a volume of approximatley 20m³, together with a hydrolysed sludge buffer tank of approximatley 40m³ capacity.


Circle Control was involved with the LV electrical installation of the plant which is part of the whole Esholt WwTW THP scheme.

The works included extensive heavy duty cable supports, LV SWA cabling, instrumentation and control cabling, profibus PA and DP, instrumentation, emergency lighting and external lighting, all of which was fed from MCC26 THP MCC.


The works had many obstacles with the primary one being the compactness of the plant and working at heights but through constant site liasion with Veolia these were overcome and tasks were risk assessed, Circle had a 100% accident free scheme.

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