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Specialist schemes often are our most challenging, pleasureable and successful schemes in projecting Circle Control into many areas.
Centre Parcs - Woburn Forest Waste Water Treatment Plant

​ACWA Services scheme


The scheme was started in July 2013 and was completed in October 2013 on time for the holiday village to open and on budget.  This was a brand new waste water treatment plant to service the new Centre Parcs resort.



Bramham Park - Parterre Pond

​JN Bentley Scheme


Bramham Park Estate is home to a Grade 1 listed landscape on the English Heritage register of parks and gardens.  A cascade which has been abandonded for three hundred years sits immediatley in front of the house, this was restored by JN Bentley into the estates parterre pond (see photo's)

Circle Control was engaged by JN Bentley to design, supply & install the pond / cascade pumping system which included 2 No. submersible pumps and associated valves and pipework, parterre pond feature lighting and intelligent control panel.


The innovation of the control panel was designed, built, installed and programmed by Circle Control so each pump and parterre pond lighting can be controlled from your mobile phone via simple text message commands to turn on, off, fault feedback, reset.



Circle worked alongside JN Bentley to ensure the installation was designed and installed with the ethos of the English Heritage and the Bramham Park Estate.


For more information on the Bramham Park Estate, Visit their website here

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