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Spen Valley - Mitchell Laithes Phase 2

Principal Client : Yorkshire Water

Project Client : JN Bentley

Contract Value : £302,000

The Spen Valley - Mitchell Laithes scheme strategy involves improving the discharge water quality from four treatment works to comply with the Freshwater Fish Directive;

  • Mitchell Laithes

  • North Bierley

  • Spenborough

  • Moorend


This works is to be completed in two phases;

Phase 1 of the scheme was completed mid 2009 which involved additional secondary treatment and sludge treatment at MItchell Laithes.


Phase 2 of the scheme is the flow transfer from North Bierley and Spenborough to Mitchell Laithes and the treatment of storm flows; this consists of a new inlet works with coarse and fine screenings plus grit removal.


On completion of the scheme Mitchell Laithes Wastewater Treatment Works will serve a population equivalent of 500,000 with a flow to full treatment of 200,000m³ per day.

Circle's involvement in this scheme covers 4 No. sites; Mitchell Laithes, Spenborough, Moorend and North Bierley consisting of supply and installation of cable supports, power/control and instrumentation SWA cabling, installation of 'free issue' instruments, profibus cabling, small power and building services.

The cable supports on this scheme were mounted on a specially fabricated bracket which was designed by Circle Control to mount on the outside of the handrails so the cable tray did not obstruct the walkways.


This method was used throughout the Inlet works area as gantry and walkways were close and compact.

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